Beer Judges? Yes, they do exist…Maybe you can be one too?



Much more common than unicorns, BJCP-certified beer judges are the mainstay of brewing competitions. A rigorous, yet affordable endeavor, beer judging strives to build beer style knowledge, sensory vocabulary and calibration, and importantly, naming those characteristics which make each beer style unique.

Join David Teckam, our local Grand Master V BJCP judge (one of the top seven highest-ranked judges in the world) for Beer Judging 101 – a seminar where attendees will compare a number of world class examples, discuss ingredients, brewing process, world beer styles and the effects of aging on beer.

Do you ever wish you could better describe a beer? Hone your natural ability to perceive and discuss various components in beer. Learn terms that judges use to describe beer. Expand your understanding of beer flavors, and learn about the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Sunday, Feb. th2,8 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at American River Brewing Co. in Rancho Cordova (11151 Trade Center Dr.) $30 per person.

Space is limited ‐ sign up at:


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