Beer Judges? Yes, they do exist…Maybe you can be one too?



Much more common than unicorns, BJCP-certified beer judges are the mainstay of brewing competitions. A rigorous, yet affordable endeavor, beer judging strives to build beer style knowledge, sensory vocabulary and calibration, and importantly, naming those characteristics which make each beer style unique.

Join David Teckam, our local Grand Master V BJCP judge (one of the top seven highest-ranked judges in the world) for Beer Judging 101 – a seminar where attendees will compare a number of world class examples, discuss ingredients, brewing process, world beer styles and the effects of aging on beer.

Do you ever wish you could better describe a beer? Hone your natural ability to perceive and discuss various components in beer. Learn terms that judges use to describe beer. Expand your understanding of beer flavors, and learn about the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Sunday, Feb. th2,8 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at American River Brewing Co. in Rancho Cordova (11151 Trade Center Dr.) $30 per person.

Space is limited ‐ sign up at:


BFD Open Superbowl Sunday Partial Day



It’s Superbowl 50 today, but we know some of you take your beer as seriously (or even more) as football! We’re open, at least until 3. Come on down – you can squeeze in mash steps and hops additions between the plays, but don’t miss the commercials!

If you want to come down after 3, call to make suer we’re still here!


Clarity Ferm Now in Stock!

Clarity Ferm

We now stock White Labs Clarity Ferm! Simply add a vial when you pitch your yeast, and eliminate chill haze from your beers!

This natural enzyme slightly changes specific proteins which cause chill haze in beer, resulting in a much clearer finished beer. This will not affect head retention or color, either. Incidentally, Clarity Ferm also chops up gluten proteins and results in a gluten-reduced beer – when used correctly, gluten levels will test below 10 ppm.

Come grab a vial for your next brew and try it out!

A Couple New Beer-Related Podcasts

Okay, so you can’t drink and drive (dangerous), you can’t brew and drive (complicated), but you can listen to people TALK about beer and drive! A couple new podcasts are out there for you to check out:Experimental_Brewing_Bar_small

Experimental Brewing

Uber-brewers Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, Authors of the book Experimental Homebrewing, have hooked up with Brew Cribs to produce the Experimental Brewing podcast. These two guys are chock-full of pertinent and reliable brewing information, and you’re sure to learn something new in every episode. Free on iTunes.



Barley & Me

A locally produced podcast, host Ben Rice travels to breweries with a guest in tow and reviews beers, then discusses the art and business of beer with brewery owners and master brewers. Ben has been all over town, interviewing brewmasters and often bringing comedians with him. A great listen!

Free on iTunes.


Annie Johnson Brewing at BFD this Saturday 11/14


Annie Johnson, our favorite brew-lebrity, is going to be here at BFD this coming Saturday, November 14th, giving Sacramento News and Review‘s own Nick Miller his first homebrewing lesson. Annie and Nick will be brewing an easy mini-mash beer, and this is a great time to come meet Annie and say hello.

If, for some reason you don’t know Annie yet, she is the 2013 AHA Homebrewer of the Year, and a 2012 Pilsner Urquell Master Homebrewer. She is now the Master Brewer at PicoBrew.

Annie is always happy to lend advice or taste-test and assess one of your own creations. Bring a bottle, or bring your recipe design, and get some feedback from one of America’s top brewers!

Brewing starts at 10 am.