Brewing Software and Apps

There are several software platforms available to homebrewers, and we highly recommend you try out a brewing software program soon. These programs will help you learn more about the brewing process, increase the quality of your beer, and guide you if you would like to modify an existing recipe, or even begin developing your own recipes. Click on a logo to go to their websites to learn more. All of these programs offer a trail version, and some are free. As we post our house recipes, we will also provide downloadable files for BeerSmith and ProMash.

Full-Featured Software

BeerSmith BeerSmith

A complete software system written for PC and Mac; your purchase can be installed on two computers. Watch their short video tutorial, and you’re on your way with a 21-day free trial. Plus, you get access to their online library of user-contributed and rated recipes, and member discussion forums. You also get an optional Cloud account to store your own recipes, which you can then access on your Android, iPhone/iPad, or Kindle Fire. The mobile app handles your shopping list, and contains a comprehensive brewing timer for your recipe.

ProMash ProMash

Also a complete software system. Written for PC, but can run on Mac using Virtual PC and Linux using Wine. ProMash uses the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) guidelines for prediction of recipe outcomes. Although they do not offer Android or Mac apps yet, ProMash delivers a comprehensive and detailed brewing profile. The free trial version will allow you to save three recipes, and nine brewing sessions, with a few other limitations. You also get access to their online collection of recipes.

Brewtarget Brewtarget

A free, open-source software package for PC, Mac, and Linux. Drag-and-drop ingredients to build recipes, automatic unit conversion, and even import and export BeerSmith recipes using BeerXML. We haven’t had the opportunity to use this one much, but the reviews look good. Try it out and tell us about it!


 BJCPDroid          BJCP for Android– a free app providing descriptions of all Beer Judge Certification Program categories. Learn more about the beer you make and drink!

BJCPDroid           BJCP for iPhone/iPad

beerstats Beer Stats and Conversions for Android – a free app with easy to use tools including conversions, corrections, strike water and temperature. Handy and simple.


Have an App you love? Tell us about it next time you’re in the store…